Welcome! This is Harshit Mehta & Orchestra the best, Professional Musical orchestra which has built a milestone in the field of MUSIC.

Harshit Mehta

Harshit Mehta is in music field since 1980 and can play instruments like Congo, Thumba, Bongo, Dholak, Drums, Tabla, Piano etc. Not only him, but also his son Jeet Mehta can play those perfectly. This are the people with god gift of manipulating those easily in a perfect manner.

We have had more than 6000 performances at numerous social events. We also had 100 foreign shows that includes South Africa (30 Shows), Manchester (UK) (15 Shows), Canada (30 Shows), Kenya (10 Shows) and the Dubai Musket (5 shows) and 5 international stunts and happy to reveal all were successful.

Harshit Mehta himself is the master of Musicians and can play Congo, Thumba, Bongo, Dholak, Drums, Tabla, Piano etc.Harshit Mehta & Orchestra has a team of very talented artists who have performed at national as well as international level.